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Keeping in view requirements of advanced training practices, sophisticated modern administrative building has been constructed. It houses ample space to accommodate offices of Principal, Vice-Principals, administrative offices. Apart from this following facilities have been made available


The best quality library is available with all requisite references of investigation, legal proceedings, forensics besides ample linguistic literature for all round personality development of trainees and staff.

Seminar Hall

A spacious  auditorium cum step hall well equipped with high quality audio-visual aids. The hall is being used for conducting workshops, seminars arrangement for outside institutes/trainees. It is also used for screening motivational films for trainees.

Primary Health Center

Well equipped dispensary for attending health issues of trainees and staff. It is also equipped with bed facilities for emergency medical services. Medical staff and experts advise regarding proper diets to be adopted to go through sturdy physical training.

Computer Laborites

Two computer laboratories have been established to empower trainees to tackle challenges of cyber era in field. It is equipped with modern server rooms.

Quarter Guard / Armory

well planned , confined structure has been housed in the administrative building with all physical safety measures besides electronic CCTV surveillance.

Rani LaxmiBai Hostel

capacity to accommodate 200 trainees. New hostel with ultramodern facilities like Solar water heater system, spacious rooms and hygienic toilets and bathrooms, TV and recreation rooms with indoor games besides excellent water purification systems. Each room is equipped with 4 single beds, separate cupboards and individual table and chair for four inmates.

Shivneri Hostel

capacity to accommodate 350 trainees. we have got ‘Shivneri’ Hostel for trainees with all facilities for comfortable living. This training center has included  many new amenities and renovated old facilities for better living of trainees. Trainee’s hostels are also equipped with wardrobes, hangers, drying space and are supplied with dustbins, garbage cleaning  facilities, etc.

Control Room

Well equipped Control room, to control all day-to-day activities for 24 hours.

VIP Suites

5 of residential suites for guest lecturers faculties with all modern facilities.

Conference Hall

This administrative area has been adorned with old stone constructed British styled hall preserved and transformed into rich antique look conference hall with capacity of 50 participants.

Conserving Alternative Energy Resources

20 K.V. solar sub-station installed at New Administrative Building to provide Alternative emergency solar power  to all offices  in the building to save energy, enhance ecological balance and maintain green environment. For installation of the substation, The Director General, Maharashtra Energy Development Authority (MEDA) Pune has given a grant of rupees 25 lacks under solar subsidy scheme. To Save the electricity consumption and to curtail power bills ,  We have installed five star energy saving rated  fans and LED lights. For installation of LED lights and fans The Director General, Maharashtra Energy Development Authority (MEDA) Pune has given a grant of rupees 25 lacks under solar subsidy scheme.

Multipurpose Indoor Hall / Drillshed

Khandala is a hill station and receives heavy rain fall during 02 to 03 months of monsoon due to which the physical outdoor activities are not possible on the ground. To overcome this problem  Police training  center Khandala has constructed a grand size dome (Drill shed) of the size 125 X 225 feet measuring about 22000 sq. feet to provide safe and dry place for practicing  all outdoor activities  during heavy rains . This also provides excellent place to organize big events like guest lectures, common lectures, Vrundparishad, Cultural activities, Medical Camps, Yoga Events etc. PTC Khandala has purchased 700 plastic chairs and new public address system for the audience. Also good quality music system and projectors screen is installed  to view audio visual program’s  and movies. Industrial pedestal fans have been installed to ventilate the big hall.