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PTC khandala is an esteemed institute established in the lap of nature! The institute is honoured with Union Home Minister’s Best Training  Institute Trophy (West Zone); not once but twice –  in the year 2016 & 2019 respectively. Besides basic training for the constables, The institute conducting In-service Professional Skill Upgradation Programmes (OPSU)  for the police officers who have served for more than  10 years. The institute organise training for officers of other departments like state excise.

The institute received a communication from Hon’ble Principal Additional Director General , National Academy of Customs, Indirect Taxes & Narcotics(NACIN), Mumbai in the month of February & accordingly Police Training Programme for Induction Training Of Inspectors of CGST & Preventive Officers Of Customs Departments has been structured in short time in coordination with the authorities from NACIN to run in  PTC Khandala. Total 620 numbers of officers devided into 12 batches of CGST and CUSTOM.

A Capsule training programme was formulated in consultation with authorities from NACIN, so as to best suit to the operational requirements of the officers in the field. Since then, till date The institute has conducted indoor as well outdoor training so as to introduce the trainee officers to Discipline and law insight and investigation techniques of the Police department as well as those of their parent departments i.e. CGST & Customs Departments.

To cover the major criminal laws, The institute arranged lectures from the expert/renowned law practioners.

Under Indian Penal Code The institute covered important topics like  General explanantions, important definitions including Public servant,  documents, counterfeit, electronic record etc., right of Private defence criminal conspiracy, offences relating to public servants, false evidence,  criminal force & assault, offences related to documents, marks, forgery, counterfeiting of currency notes etc.

In Cr.P.C., The PTC (POLICE TRAINING CENTER, KHANDALA) tried to clarify the important definitions, legal provisions of search & arrests, provisions regarding summons & arrests, Proclamation- how it is effected, provisions of custody & all other important provisions of the law which are important for the official discharge the duties.

In Indian Evidence Act The PTC (POLICE TRAINING CENTER, KHANDALA) had lectures on important definitions, Interpretation clause, confessions, oral & documentary evidence, types of documents, Burden of proof, examination, cross examination etc.

Lecture organised at course covered topics like coordination with other government agencies like police, revenue, judiciary etc. Provisions of investigation under Customs Act, CGST Act & Central excise act, detection of narcotics drugs & contraband goods, use of X-Ray Machines & metal detectors for the same.

A special lecture of cyber crime expert organised to cover topics related to cyber crime investigation, recovery & handling of electronic evidence, safeguards against cyber crimes.

          On outdoor front The PTC (POLICE TRAINING CENTER, KHANDALA) started with Run & walk PT periods stretched over to 4 km & 5 Km run & walks. Even the boys very joyously participated to Lohgad fort & Lion point trekking. The PTC (POLICE TRAINING CENTER, KHANDALA) approached to Kunhe waterfall, all through run & walk practice.

                          On drill front, The PTC (POLICE TRAINING CENTER, KHANDALA) started with basic foot drill, attention & salutation to advanced quick drill march. Besides this, physical fitness programme was enriched with Yoga, Pranayam meditation & aerobics.

           The PTC (POLICE TRAINING CENTER, KHANDALA) provided immense knowledge on weapon handling especially 9 mm pistol & .38 revolver. Officers were given sufficient hands on practice of those arms and finally were given actual firing practise of 9 mm pistol   at vadachi vadi SRPF firing range , Pune. The firing skills were improved through zeroing, grouping & application firing. Extensive Explosives & IED module knowledge was given through the classes conducted by experts in this field. The PTC (POLICE TRAINING CENTER, KHANDALA) tried to provide best available residential & mess facilities to the officers.