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Emotional Intelligence
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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the capacity to understand and manage your emotions. The skills involved in emotional intelligence are self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills. Recently, it has become a bit of a buzz word in human resources departments across the globe but researchers are saying that it is time emotional intelligence be taken seriously. Embracing the nuances of human emotion in the workplace can have pragmatic benefits, such as better collaboration among employees and a happier workplaceThe law enforcement field is strife with political issues, such as racial  profiling, discourtesy, excessive use of force, and a lack of empathy. Most of these cases arise due to an officer’s inability to control their emotions and a lack of emotional awareness. The culture of ‘grin and bear it’ within the policing field leads to repressed and unacknowledged emotions.


Which is particularly concerning? Research shows that suppressing human emotions can lead to serious consequences, especially among law enforcement officers who deal with emotionally charged situations on daily basis. Emotional intelligence allows officers to maintain order while controlling the criminal element within society. In a broader context, emotional intelligence within law enforcement refers to specific emotional and social competencies that are essential for a police officer to effectively do their job.Stress tolerance and the ability to withstand adverse situations without falling apart are highly regarded within the law enforcement community. Officers with high levels of emotional intelligence can choose a proper course of action to deal with stressful situations and are able to hold on to their optimism in the face of adversity.

Emotional intelligence also allows a person to understand that certain things are beyond their control, and enables officers to practice self-management. This way, they stay composed and refrain from impulsive, unpredictable, and explosive behavior. Training of Emotional Intelligence was given to the trainees and this subject is now included in regular syllabus as Paper No 9, for all PTCs in Maharashtra.