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Swasth Police Sashkta

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Swasth Police Sashkta 

The Director General of Police, Maharashtra State, introduced in-service training program which is recognized as Swasth Police, Sashakta Police, Saksham Police (Healthy Police, Strong Police, Competent Police) For promotion zone PSI to Dysp  First Batch conducted on 20th  May 2019 for 13 days training.

Director General of Police, Maharashtra state was to make middle rank police officers and police men of Maharashtra State Police Healthy, Strong and Competent. The Police Training Center, Khandala is positively achieving this motive by proper implementation of the specially designed training program.


PTC, Khandala has completed 11 training sessions, each of two weeks and imparted above training to 473 police officers, in which 167 are gazetted officers and 314 non gazetted officers.

This training module includes Physical Training as well as Indoor activities. Physical Training includes yoga, meditation and other light physical activities, weapon training, medical examination, etc. Indoor training activities includes modules on Stress Management, Emotional Intelligence, Motivation, Nutrition, First Aid, Personal Financial Management, Skill Development to face new challenges like cybercrime, understanding new trends in crime collection of intelligence, economic offences, Forensic Science understanding developments in scientific investigation etc.

Thorough medical examination of all trainees has been conducted at renowned medical institutions where tests such as complete lipid profile, Serum Profile, Kidney and liver function, Haemogram done with chest x-ray and dental checkup. A special medical checking of women trainees regarding breast and uterus cancer is carried out.

Weight loss management program – A diet schedule given by the internationally renowned professional dietician Dr. Rujuta Divekar was implemented.

Swasth Police Sashkta

PTC Khandala